Cowl is a warlord in series 1 of fistful of power. Most warlords only come in hyper version. However, Cowl is unique in the fact that he come in hyper and crystal version. A distribution error by moose (the company who made fistful of power) caused the hyper version to end up in the US and the crystal version to end up in the UK. This led to people in both countries swapping their figures so they would have both crystal and hyper versions of Cowl. As with other warlords, Cowl came exlusively wtih an accessory or kit. The Warlords


hyper Cowl standing on the combat case accessory


crystal Cowl can be seen in the top right corner of the lot of figures.

do not have a region they are affiliated with, and are only grouped by the fact that they are exlusive to kits and are each high power warlords.

Respectively, Cowl is #43, the last numericaly in the first series. Cowl has a power of 12 on his foot making him quite powerful

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