Eek is a fighter from the Korr region of Series 1.

Eek came in three types, Shadow, Hyper, and Crystal.

Bio Edit

Under the command of Spidok are several species of cave warriors. Eek is a breed of special assassin that Spidok uses for stealth attacks and important recon missions.

Story Edit

The Tyrant's Cry. Eek, like the other residents of Korr, was a failed attempt by Xar to create a fighter worthy of his attention. When his failure became apparent, Xar kept his three mightiest man-beasts as a personal bodyguard and put them in the desolation of the Korr region to keep out attackers. While Spidokk reveled in the hidden and the quiet of the Bone Caves and Hisss took the boiling toxic swamps of Agonia, Eek made his lair in the mindbendingly high Mt. Misery. When the Fistful of Power led by Skwall, Skurge and Infernus sought to take down Xar, only Mt. Misery of the three man-animal lairs was totally avoided. While Xar was indeed defeated and his "brothers" slain, Eek remains in the lofty heights of the mountains, never to descend.

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