After fistful of power's series 3 never took off it was then replaced with a whole new game, Gamoja, the idea being that every 5000 years the planets align and set off a war between good (hyper) and evil (crystal red), a collection of 46 characters, with skeleton ultra rares, rares and commons but, like the Xar and Seer, moose made anothe super ultra rare metallic figure, Ultimoja which was obtained with one of 1000 tokens, I have one of these tokens but after contacting each of the 5 countries where gamoja were distributed, I recieved a frisby!, if anyone knows how to get the Ultimoja using the token please help!


Ultimomoja is the most powerful of the Gamoja, this is measured by the number on their feet, these numbers represent miloins e.g. 556 milion years old, ultimoja is 999 milion years old and therefore the most experienced and powerful, the next most powerful Gamoja's are the glow-in-the-dark skeleton Gamojas, they are ultra rare and there are nine different ones to find, each have a very high number on their feet, the best skeleton Gamoja is Mamota, who has 991 milion on his foot,  I  have this guy in crystal and bone.

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